Monday, October 29, 2007

Exploring the World of Information Technology (IT)

Information is what makes the world go round, so when you think of life without all of the professionals navigating the careers and jobs that deal with Information Technology (IT), it is pretty frightening. IT workers are responsible for creating, designing, establishing, and managing a wide-range of computer items, such as hardware and software. The Internet is also involved in the scope of this career choice. Job positions in this field tackle duties associated with the largest computer companies to NASA to satellite systems. The possibilities are truly never-ending, as this field is always evolving.

Computer Programmers have a hand in creating the directions one must follow if they wish to communicate with and operate their PC. As an expert in the ways of a computer, programmers speak the same language as this sort of technology and can readily answer the questions that deal with computer issues, such as bug, viruses, and malfunctions. A college degree is most helpful in this field, but vocational computer programming degrees are also accepted. Usually a degree in the field of computer science is required, where you have toiled over classes like the World of Computing, and Understanding Data Structures. The typical salary for this position is found between $35,000 and $100,000.

As a Computer Operations Manager, you will learn how to plan, direct, and manage the everyday operations that takes place in the computer operations department. You will play a role in establishing the policies and procedures that are followed within the department. With an associate's degree in hand and at least eight years of experience in the field, you may apply for this position, which may also have you looking after a collection of computer operators. The average salary ranges between $54,128 and $112,635.

A job as a Software Engineer I involves the designing, development, modification, and writing of various software programming applications. When testing of software is needed, you will head the process. It is suggested to pursue a bachelor's degree in a related area, as well as possess zero to two years of experience in the field. It is important to note that following instructions regarding pre-established guidelines related to the job is necessary. The typical salary associated with this job is found between $43,082 and $65,618.

When looking for additional positions within the IT field, consider Help Desk Support, which often involves delivering technical support through phone calls and email for a typical salary between $33,583 and $54,386; and Information Technology Director, who establishes policies and goals within the information technology department, which tends to pay between $100,467 and $176,482.

Computer Science

In order to land the best jobs in the computer science field, individuals rush to obtain their Associate of Science Degrees (AS), Bachelor of Science Degrees (BS), or Master of Science Degrees (MS). A wide range of schools throughout the United States and Canada can provide a decent education for the preparation of this sort of career. A few to consider includes Western Connecticut State University and Salem International University.

Depending on the field you wish to study regarding Information Technology, you may encounter a variety of introductory to advanced courses. A few introductory courses may include mathematics in addition to learning about computer science. Core classes may include material on algorithms, computation, and understanding programming languages. Sample courses include Computer Graphics, Coding Theory, Scientific Computing, Operating Systems, Cognitive Science, Numerical Analysis, and Recent Advancements in Computer Sciences.

Suggested Companies in the United States and Canada

When looking for the best work environment regarding Information Technology throughout the United States and Canada, Google and Adobe Systems rank high for employees. At Google, news has spread fast concerning the perks that company employees are able to benefit from, including free gourmet meals, access to a swimming spa, and free onsite medical attention. Taking a position as an engineer at the company allows you to spend 20% of your time working on independent projects.

A job at Adobe Systems allows graphic designers and software specialists to spread their wings. Depending on what you achieve, some bonuses may include receiving an iPod Shuffle, which happened to the employees who participated in the Macromedia acquisition. Employees also enjoy a job sharing program and paid sabbaticals. The most common salaried job at the company is Senior Computer Scientist, which pays $161,127. As for the most common hourly position, Senior Administrative Assistants are paid $70,569.

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