Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Considering a Career in the Field of Internet or E-Commerce

When there is a need for a professional-looking website to encourage the public to purchase the products of a business, it is a web designer behind the magic. The exchange of goods and services across the World Wide Web are backed by the careers and jobs that deal with the Internet and e-commerce. Whether it is the designing of software or the experience of a successful marketing director, online buying and selling thrives with the assistance of these professions.

The websites that make people purchase the infinite number of products available on the Internet is the handiwork of a Web Designer. At the very entry-level of positions, a web designer creates graphic sketches, designs, and the layout of copy for the content seen on the Internet. They deal with the size and organization of descriptive material and copy, often choosing the right size fonts and styles to accommodate a specific brand or theme. An associate's degree (or its equivalent) and two years of experience in the field helps one gain employment in this field, which typically makes between $31,310 and $54,847 for a yearly salary.

As a Web Software Developer, you will have the pleasure of designing, developing, and putting together the software packages used for websites. The ability to troubleshoot and fix the problems concerning software code is also an important duty. Usually, a bachelor's degree in a related area and at least two years of experience is enough to land a job within this field, where proficiency in SQL, C++, HTML, CGI and JavaScript is usually a prerequisite as well. Yearly salaries for this position are found between $47,734 and $89,852.

A Webmaster will develop and look after the portal associated with a company. A webmaster becomes in charge of performing backups and making sure that Internet users can gain access to the site. Additional duties associated with this position includes watching over the traffic of a site and assisting in developing the website into an entity that can keep up with the traffic demands. They will also assess the effectiveness of the appearance and overall feel of a website. A bachelor's degree is referred with two to four years of experience. A qualified webmaster has a working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and SQL. The typical salary for this job is found between $44,601 and $94,257.

When taking on the position of Videographer, you will become responsible for the integration of video and audio in regards to an e-Commerce site. The maintenance and operation of video equipment is also a duty attached to this position. A videographer will edit chosen footage and stay in line with the latest in technology. When applying for this position, a bachelor's degree in an area of specialty is preferred. Two to four years of experience in the field is recommended. Videographers usually make between $30,713 and $88,644 for a yearly salary, which is based upon experience and location.

As an eCommerce Marketing Director, you will direct and watch over the online marketing policies, goals, and initiatives of a particular organization or business. It is important to keep in tune with the changes that take place within the online marketplace and industry. A bachelor's degree with at least 10 years of experience in the field is highly recommended. A salary of between $91,093 and $188,083 is offered for this type of job.

While there are a lot of jobs that deal with the development of a presence on the Internet (like web designers) and manage an eCommerce site, there are plenty of other careers that take place on the Web. For instance, you could become an Online Pharmacist, which works under a physician to administer prescription drugs in regards to online subscription orders. Usually, a bachelor's degree and/or an advanced degree in pharmacy are required. A license to practice is a requirement as well. A typical yearly salary for this job is found between $87,124 and $100,220.

Best Web Industry Companies

When it comes to finding employment within the Web industry, there is a collection of companies that have gained a reputation amongst employees in this field. The job environment and benefits offered at the following companies are well-known: Google, Yahoo!, Happy Cog Studios, Second Story, Amazon.com, Ludicorp, Adaptive Path, and Cuban Council.

At Microsoft, some of the perks for working with the company include free grocery delivery, dry-cleaning services, and valet parking. The most common salaried job at the company is Software Developer, which pays an annual salary of $118,500. The most common hourly job for Microsoft is Administrative Support, which pays $52,560. The company also offers employees a job sharing program and 100% healthcare.

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