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Exploring Careers in Law Enforcement and Security Services

There are many careers in law enforcement and security services throughout the United States and Canada. Individuals who actively participate in these types of jobs agree that these positions are rewarding in numerous ways. In order to qualify for a job in these types of jobs, you must meet certain requirements. Individuals, who work to aid, protect, and service individuals and businesses in the community must display the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and decent character. In this article, you will learn numerous things regarding careers in law enforcement and security services.

Law Enforcement

There are a number of interesting law enforcement careers available to those who are interested in this field. It is important to decide which career you would like to pursue as many agencies have various requirements for these positions. If you are just starting out in this career field, it is important to keep your options open and consider any and all positions that are offered to you. When it comes to success in this type of career, the first and most important step is to get in the door. Once that door closes, many opportunities will open up to you.

The following are some of the most popular choices when it comes to law enforcement jobs:

1. City Police
2. County Deputy
3. Corrections Officer
4. Inmate Receiving
6. Drug Enforcement
7. State Trooper
8. Federal, County, and City Investigations
9. Evidence Technician
10. Homicide Investigations
11. Department of Children and Families Investigator
12. Fingerprint Specialist
13. Homeland Security
14. Border Patrol
15. State Patrol
16. K9 Unit Officer
17. Sex Crimes Division
18. Missing Persons Investigations
19. Forensic Science
20. Administration

While all of these different jobs within the law enforcement field require various levels of studies, most of them require that all individuals participate in the law enforcement training career and a basic degree in criminal justice assisting. These career requirements will train an individual for the mental and physical requirements that these positions have. In addition to this, there will be a test that is issued by the state in which an individual must pass, as well as a state physical agility test that is graded prior to entering a career in law enforcement.

In order to pass the state certification exam for law enforcement, you will be required to answer a number of questions pertaining to the following:

1. State laws
2. First Responder
3. Defensive Tactic
4. Defensive Driving
5. Firearms
6. Traffic Laws
7. Situational Events
8. Personal Safety
9. Ethics

You are tested on the ability to retain information, evaluated on writing ability, tested on math related to the field, crime scene investigations, police judgment, mapping and visualization, and basic human psychology.

The physical agility test will cover a number of areas. Law enforcement is a very demanding job as far as physical agility is concerned. It is important for law enforcement personnel to be healthy and self-driven. Individuals who pursue this career may be required to wear up to approximately 30 pounds of gear that will help to protect them and others while in the field. These individuals must be able to effectively comply to all physical requirements while equipped with this gear. The following represents some of the areas that may be tested when it comes to physical agility:

1. The ability to lift, pull, carry, and maneuver up to 185 pounds in dead weight
2. The ability to push a full size police vehicle
3. The ability to quickly crawl over a wall that is 6 ft. in height
4. Appropriate Balance
5. The ability to run a mile in 9 minutes or less
6. A certain number of sit-ups, push ups , and pull ups
7. Other requirements as determined by the state

Security Services

If you wish to pursue a career in security services, you will be required to inspect and patrol various types of property on a consistent basis. You are ensuring that the property is protected from fire, terrorism, vandalism, theft, and other types of illegal activity. You may be required to administer first aid in appropriate situations, act as a witness, and use defensive tactics to protect yourself, others, and the property, as well as fill out reports and time sheets regarding the nature of your work.

You will be required to be at least 18 years old, licensed, and pass tests on your background, as well as a monitor to determine that you are drug free. Most states have a basic security course put into place that will teach you how to perform each of the tasks that are required of a security officer. You will then be issued a state exam, if you pass, you are licensed.

Law Enforcement and Security Service Companies

Federal Department of Law Enforcement of the United States

Allied Barton Security Services in the United States

Orion Security Services in the United States

Brinks Security in the United States

Canadian Police Association

Alberta Federation of Police Associations in Canada

North West Mounted Police in Canada

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