Thursday, November 1, 2007

Taking a Look at Legal Careers

When the need for legal representation becomes a must and one is facing judicial repercussions, it is the lawyers and other careers under the field of legal employment that comes to the rescue. With preparation in deciphering the law and preparing a case, legal workers are trained to fight on the behalf of those who need a voice that reflects their laws and rights. Below you will find some of the many careers and jobs that deal with the legal side of employment.

An entry-level Paralegal is trained to support lawyers. With the help of an attorney, they are instructed on how to also handle and resolve routine legal issues. Research is a large part of their job description, as they will look into and scrutinize a wide range of law resources that include various articles, treaties, recorded judicial decisions, and statutes. All of this is used to then create a variety of legal papers, including wills, contracts, pleadings, briefs, and appeals. An associate's degree or its equivalent with zero to two years of experience in the field is needed to apply for this sort of job. The typical salary for this position is seen between $31,194 and $56,307.

As an Associate General Counsel, looking after the legal interest of organizations is part of the main duties of this job description. It is their responsibility to offer hands-on counsel that touches upon various levels of executive staff. They also look into the management of operations regarding the legal department. When any legal issues arise, an Associate General Counsel addresses these problems and will draft essential paperwork as part of their duties. In order to become an Associate General Counsel, graduation from an accredited law school with at least ten years of experience as an attorney is a must. You must have also been admitted into the state bar in order to become considered for a position that earns an annual salary of $120,666 to $253,388.

An entry-level Legal Secretary is responsible for the secretarial and administrative tasks associated with an attorney. This type of secretary spends most of their workday typing letters, memos, reports, as well as answering the phones. Filing is also a common duty. A high school diploma with zero to two years of experience in the field is enough to apply for this type of job. A supervisor or manager usually watches over their progress. A typical salary for this position is found between $27,969 and $39,010.

The position of a Legal Recruiter deals with the recruitment, interviewing, and reference check of people interested in joining a legal department. They make offers to applicants and lead them through orientation as well. Maintaining a database of potential and existing legal professionals is their responsibility. A bachelor's degree in an area of specialty accompanied with two to four years of experience in the field is needed for consideration of this position. Yearly salaries start between $49,378 and $103,386.

If you are interested in pursuing the position of Litigation Manager, which makes a yearly salary of between $60,892 and $90,535, you will work hand and hand with paralegals or legal assistants. Your main responsibilities will deal with offering guidance and advice to the staff, as they enter a prosecution case or are in the process of defending a lawsuit. When working with an organization, it is important to gain an extensive knowledge of their products or services. A bachelor's or master's degree is needed for this position, which is coupled with at least five years in the field. Yearly salaries are seen between $60,892 and $90,535.

For those who are looking for a position teaching others the ins and outs of the legal system, perhaps the job of Higher Education Professor (Legal Support) is an appealing career. In regards to legal services, you will conduct college-level courses in the field. In your courses, you may touch upon legal documentation or paralegal services. It is not uncommon to provide information on legal secretary training as well. People applying for this position usually hold a doctorate degree in an area of specialty, tenure, or have at least 12 years of experience in the field under their belt. An annual salary for this position is seen between $56,121 and $94,388.

College Courses

In order to gain the knowledge to tackle court cases ad work in the legal field, a great deal of college preparation is required. Some of the courses you may encounter include: Administrative Law; Children's Law; Civil Procedure; Civil Trial Skills; Criminal Law; and Discrimination Law.

Best Companies in United States

When it comes to working as a legal representative in the United States, a few notable firms have made it on the top 100 list of best companies to work for. Alston & Bird is based in Atlanta, where hourly employees receive annual bonuses up to 9% of salary. Their legal secretaries make $62,100 and employees also enjoy paid sabbaticals.

At Arnold & Porter (based in Washington, DC), onsite childcare is a perk. The most common salaried job at the firm is the Associates, who are making $155,929. Nixon Peabody treats their employees to competitive pay and benefits. Associate Attorneys make $181,099, while secretaries make an annual salary of $68,857. At Perkins Coie, employees enjoy 100% health care coverage that is offered at workers situated in their offices in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, and beyond.

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