Friday, May 15, 2009

Jobs and Careers in Window Design

There are many different types of jobs and careers that one can have in the field of window design. One such job is working as a Window Dresser which is also sometimes known as a Visual Merchandiser. The duty of a Window Dresser/Visual Merchandiser is to arrange goods in store windows in a visually appealing way, so as to attract the attention of the customers, and therefore enticing them to enter the store. You could also work as a Window Design Manager wherein you would supervise the work of other Window Dressers to ensure that they were doing a good job.

Another option is to become a Window Treatment Designer. In this job, you would create custom made window treatments such as curtains and valances to help your customers beatify their homes. If you enjoy sewing as well as interior design, this might be the perfect career for you! There are a number of industries that you could choose from to work as an interior designer that specializes in window design. For starters, there is the entertainment industry. You could put your special design skills to work at a casino, on movie and/or television sets or theater sets.

Perhaps you would prefer working for offices and corporations. You could help them put together just the right look for the various windows in their business offices. Do you love children? If so, maybe you'd like to specialize in designing beautiful, whimsical window treatments for children's bedrooms. You may want to design and create the window treatments for your local colleges and universities. Or, perhaps you'd enjoy helping local hotels, motels and conference center have beautiful window designs. The possibilities are pretty much endless. Just use your imagination, and I'm sure you'll think of many other great ideas!

As far as earning potential and salary goes, that will largely be dictated by the area you live in as well as how much experience you've had so far working in the design field. On average, interior designers that specialize in window design can earn on average anywhere between $29,000 to about $81,000 per year.

You're probably wondering how you can get started in the field of window design. For starters, you'll want to have a portfolio that contains photos of your work. When you're just getting started and have little to no experience, a good way to get some practice and some material for your portfolio is to offer to do some window design work for your friends and family. Once you've done some work for them, be sure to ask them if you'd be willing to jot down a quick letter of recommendation for you to add to your portfolio. Most family and friends would be more than willing to do this, and the photos and letters will go a long way in helping you to establish a professional looking portfolio.

Your portfolio is very important as it will really help you to sell yourself and your window design business. Therefore, whenever you're going to see a potential client, be sure to have your portfolio with you. Also, another good thing to bring with you when meeting with potential clients is fabric swatches. This way the client can get an idea of the look and feel of the fabric choices ahead of time. This will help make their choice of what window treatments they want much easier.

Just as with any business, you'll need to sell yourself. Therefore, take every opportunity you can to market yourself and your window design business. Contact your local newspaper and see if they'll run a small article about your new business. Also, be sure to place in ad in the paper promoting your business. Word of mouth is often a great way to advertise too. Therefore, you'll want to encourage those friends and family members that you did work for to spread the word about how happy and satisfied they were with your services. You could also go to as many local events as possible and hand out business cards to people there. This can be a great way to meet new people and obtain some new customers.

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