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Jobs and Career as a Writer

Anybody interested to have a career in writing should know that it has a lot of choices. Here are some of the most popular fields that writers and writer hopefuls can get into.


There are two very popular ways in which authoring jobs can take shape. One is by book writing with the must have of a very good story line. The book can be a novel, a children's book, or even a memoir. Whichever form the book takes shape, the key to being a great author is to have a very interesting story in it. Without the story, the book would be nothing. Without the story, the person writing it would not even be considered officially as an author. Because of great stories, the world now has Harry Potter, Edward Cullen, and the evils behind every Stephen King novel.

Another path that a person can take is by being a textbook author. This is especially done by experts of certain fields. Lawyers, doctors, engineers, professors, and other such professionals come up with books that can help students in their respective fields know more about the course. If authors of novels feed the mind, text book authors perpetuate professions.

When it comes to being an author, the money earned is variable. Depending on the book's success, the money can be from a few measly dollars to millions. If the author is lucky enough, moviemakers will turn it into movies and thus present more opportunities of bigger income.


Journalism is a course. It is what helps a person become a journalist. As it is, journalistic writing is not as lucrative as book writing. As a journalist, the person can affiliate himself to a newspaper or magazine and write news reports and views on the latest happenings and events. With this, he has staple monthly income that is even subject to raise as long as the write ups are good.

Another path that journalists can take is going freelance. In this, there are no contracts being signed tying the person to work for a certain company. Arrangements are made between the journalist and any company wherein a contract is only happens from the time the person accepts an assignment to the time he is paid for it. Needless to say, the pay of being a journalist varies. Depending on the company being worked for and the quality of the journalist, anybody can make a few hundred dollars to 6 figure monthly income.

Song Writer

This is for people who love music and writing. To become a songwriter, going to music school and taking the course, or simply having the feel for being a one is enough. However, making it big and earning a lot in this business, especially the music industry, is sometimes hard. To get to the 6 figures and up income, a person must have the ability to make great lyrics and create catchy tunes.

An offshoot of song writing careers is music ads writing. Remember the jingles played on the radio or TV when products are advertised? These is a form of song writing wherein the person only has to write a few bars, hit what the product is advertising. The big catch of this job is that the tunes and lyrics have to be catchy and original enough to be associated only with the product. As it is, the income people can make can go up to 6 figures per jingle. Note: the bigger the company, such as Pepsi and Coca Cola, the better the pay.

Web Content Writer

This is by far one of the most popular writing jobs of today. Anybody interested and has the ability to write any topic or niche can apply for this. The only things needed other than the willingness and ability to write is a working desktop and great internet connection. As a web content writer, going full time or part time, freelance or contractual are the choices to pick. Because of its nature, being a web content writer makes a very good part time job since prices can range from .01 cent per word to $50 per 500 word article to $20-30 per hour.

There are a lot of other writing jobs out there. Whichever is chosen, it should be one that is in line with the writer's interest and not just about the money. So choose wisely.

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