Thursday, October 25, 2007

Seeking a Career in the Insurance Business

When households, individuals, and companies need protection in regards to their business, home, car, and life - insurance agents and other personnel are trained to direct clients to the policies that best fit their needs and budget. When pursuing this type of career, you will encounter a range of positions that include insurance agents to corporate insurance managers. A few details regarding this career choice can be found below:

Insurance agents are one of the most well known occupations within this industry, as they are responsible for selling insurance to new and current clients. Usually, at least two years of experience in the field or a related area is needed in order to thrive within the insurance world, as well as an associate's degree. In a typical setting, an insurance agent will report to a supervisor or manager. The average yearly salary for this sort of position is found between $34,517 and $51,490.

As a Branch Manager of an insurance company, an individual is in charge of overseeing the everyday actions of a branch office. This may include watching over claim processing, marketing and auditing, loss prevention, as well as underwriting. Sometimes, a branch manager is responsible for bringing aboard new insurance agents and delivering the latest news to regional managers on how the branch is fairing in the realm of operating results, insurance trends, and against the competition. A bachelor's degree with at least seven years of experience in the field are the minimum requirements for one to take home the between $57,060 and $137,836 yearly salary attached to this position.

A Corporate Insurance Manager is one who administers and maintains the insurance programs offered to employees of a particular organization. They are trained to look over insurance needs and locate the highest level of coverage for their client. A bachelor's degree and at least five years of experience in the field are expected of applicants for this job position. The yearly salary for a Corporate Insurance Manager is seen between $61,356 and $120,680.

If you are interested in the position of an Insurance Verification Specialist, then you will find yourself in charge of the pre-verification processing of insurance that patients undergo before they are admitted into the hospital in order to receive medical attention. This type of job includes solving issues regarding the subject of coverage, answering insurance coverage questions over the phone, and transferring more involved concerns to a supervisor or manager. A specialist in this field will conduct interviews with patients and finish any paperwork that becomes necessary during the admitting process. Usually, an applicant will hold a bachelor's degree in an area of specialty. Two to four years of experience will help land a job within this field, which pays between $23,834 and $39,510.

The job title of Payment Recovery Specialist sees workers handling denied reimbursement claims. It is their duty to make sure that insurance coverage policies are following standards. When claims come in, a specialist will look over, analyze, and examine the information. When errors arise, they work with other departments and insurance companies in order to come to a proper conclusion. With a bachelor's degree and at least five years of experience in the field, one may apply to become a Payment Recovery Specialist that earns between $32,666 and $57,923 on a yearly basis.

Companies to Consider in the United States and Canada

When looking for companies that provide the best environment for employees, a couple to consider includes American Fidelity and Aflac. The CEO of American Fidelity seems to care for their employees, as in the past - 15 laid-off employees were given free classes and outplacement services with the option to work for the rest of the year. The headquarters of the company are found in Oklahoma City, which hosts the most employees. Jackson and Ontario are other popular locations for employment. The most common salaried position at the company is Accountant Representative with an average salary of $33,559. The most common hourly position is the Customer Service II Representative that makes $30,612 for the year.

Employees with children truly benefit at AFLAC, as the Georgia-based company is known as the largest corporate provider of onsite child care. Of recent years, the company constructed a second center in hopes of catering to more children, as well as accommodating workers on the second shift. Additional locations associated with the company include Albany and Omaha. The most common salaried job at the company is Supervisor, which pays a yearly salary of $57,363. A Customer Service Specialist II serves as the most common hourly position at the company with a salary of $27,458.

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