Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Create a Career Change Resume that is Sure to Win You the Job

Whether you have found yourself in the market to change careers or you have been downsized from the jobs that you have held in the past, having a winning resume to aid you in your job search is very important. The job market is tight now so you need to put your best foot forward for the prospective employers that you will be sending your resume in to. You can do this by designing your resume in a way that will make it stand out among the other applicants.

The start of your resume should include a short section that gives an overview of why you are perfect for this type of job. You should take some time to study the information that you can find about the jobs by reading the job posting thoroughly. Typically, the hiring company will provide specific details of what they are looking for in their next employee. If you build your opening section of your resume around the capabilities that they are looking for you are sure to get the attention of the hiring staff.

Another part of the resume that is very important to those that are changing their careers is the work experience section. You can choose to list them chronologically, like many other applicants do, or you can make your resume a little different and break it up into skill sets. You can do this by creating sections about the specific skills that the employer is looking for. For example, if the job posting says they are looking for someone that has had leadership positions in their previous jobs then you should create a section about leadership. Put bullet points in that details the leadership experience that you have had in your previous careers.

Each section should have at least three bullet points. Do not include a section on your resume if you do not have any experience in those areas. This will simply point out to the person that is reviewing it that you are not exactly the type of employee they are looking for. The resume is the only first impression that counts until you are able to come in for an interview and tell them why you would be such a good fit. You do not want to shine a light on the areas that you do not have much experience in so only highlight the areas that you are most skilled in.

Either just before or just after this section of your resume you should include the details of your previous jobs. This includes the name of the companies, the addresses and telephone numbers, and the title that you held there. You do not need to give details of the responsibilities that you had there as you will have listed your experience in the experiences section. If they are interested in hiring you they will just have to wait until the interview to find out which companies you had gained which pieces of your experience. This will definitely give you something to talk about in the interview.

The last section in the resume should provide the prospective employer with information about your abilities working with the tools of the trade. If you know that they are looking for someone that can operate certain programs or equipment, this is where you can show off your abilities. As you list your talents, be sure to include only the skills that are related to the type of position you are applying for. If you can type 70 words per minute and can use many different computer programs fluently, it is not important to the employer that has an opening on a construction crew. Make sure that your skills are relevant to the jobs that you are applying for.

There are jobs available for those people that are looking to change careers. Getting the attention of the hiring staff is what is most important as you will need to sell yourself to the employers as the best candidate for the job. You can do this by creating a career change resume that will leave them anticipating your interview. Jobs are out there now create the resume that will get them for you!

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