Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photographer Jobs

What does the world of photography hold in store for you? Are you thinking of looking for this type of job? If so, there are a few things you may want to check on when considering this career. The photographer will do a variety of things depending upon where they work and for whom. The field of photography has changed dramatically over the past several years. What once was a long, drawn out process is now digitalized and much simpler.

Types of Photographer Jobs

There are photographers that take pictures of people, clothes, animals, wedding pictures and buildings. There are photographers that take pictures for books that are going to be published. There are news photographers that sometimes require extensive travel. The hours may be erratic in these types of jobs due to the need to be on call for news as it is happening.

There are photographers that travel to other countries to get the news shots. This can be dangerous work and also stressful as they may be away for several months at a time. The photographer who goes on assignment may be sent to cover particular events. Waiting for the events to unfold may take a while so patience is one of the virtues that are important to the photographer. Getting the shot just right is another aspect of taking photos.

Taking pictures in all types of weather, snow, rain, sleet or storms is another of the things that may be going on when something newsworthy happens. The photographer has to be ready for anything. Standing and carrying heavy equipment is another part of the job. There are many times that deadlines will have to be met and must be an amiable person to get along with clients.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Photographer?

The type of photographer you want to be is one of the things that will determine what type of education will be needed. The typical requirements will probably include having a degree in photography. Former jobs are another thing the employer will look at when considering a prospective employee.

If you are interested in photography it pays to learn all you can about cameras, photos, videos and the different types of photography. There are photographers that work for themselves and have their own equipment. They work from a studio or their home and may travel to do their work.

The field of photography is a competition driven career when it comes to jobs that are in demand. The reason for this is the number of people who want to make photography their career of choice. Only the ones with the best skills and the reputation of an excellent photographer will get the jobs that are available today. Getting your work out and noticed is the best bet for getting a job offer.

Digital photography will be one of the more needed types of photography in the next few years as more electronic media goes Internet. The number of electronic magazines, newspapers and books will increase and the need for photographs will increase. The average increase is expected in this job market.

This is a relatively new concept so the type of photography needed will be different. Opening an opportunity for new photographers to make a name for themselves, the world of digital photography will take off as soon as the electronic age catches up to the Internet.

Earnings of a Photographer

The photographer with a good reputation will get the best jobs and make the most money. The average photographer earns between $18,680 and $38,730 per year. The pay depends upon several factors, including where you live and work, the number of years of experience and the reputation you have as a photographer. There are photographers that make over 56,640 per year just as a regular photographer. However, the more well known you are and the more your photographs are in demand, the more money you can make.

The number of photographers stands at about 122,000. They mostly work in big cities. The odd part is for every 2 photographers that are employed 1is self-employed. This is higher than any other occupation. Most are employed in photography studios, for the government and for advertising agencies. Television broadcasters also employ photographers. Whether you are looking to take photos of people or things the most important things will be finding out everything you can about photography and get serious training to boost your chance of getting a photography job.

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