Sunday, January 18, 2009

Make-Up Artists Create Perfect Beauty

Enhancing the natural beauty of someone is what a make up artist is hired to do. These people are trained to help people look their best and to camouflage and hide the flaws or less than perfect features that someone may have. These people have to understand skin care, color, and texture and have to be experts at knowing all of the different types of makeup and how to apply it for the best effect.

Make-up artists may be hired for special occasions such as film shoots, fashion events and shows, special photos, beauty pageants and weddings. Some also are hired by cosmetic companies and retail establishments to apply makeup for customers and to sell their product lines. A successful make- up artist will be able to create different looks for individuals and will personalize the make up and techniques to fit the time of day and the lighting involved.

While there are no real educational requirements required, it is still very beneficial to have some course training that will help you learn more about the make up that you will be using, as well as a bit about facial structure.

These courses are actually taught at a few schools, and some cosmetology schools are including more makeup techniques and skin care in their programs. If you are one of the truly talented individuals who have been playing with makeup and experimenting with different looks for years, you may already have most of the skills that you need to begin a career as a makeup artist.

There are many skin care courses being taught that deal with makeup and most of these are called aesthetics, and if you complete enough courses and become certified and licensed, you can work as an aesthetician. These workers do some of the work that a make up artist performs, but their skills focus on some different aspects of skin care and beauty.

Knowing what colors look good on someone, and work well with their skin color and skin tone is part of being a good makeup artist. These people are also not afraid to experiment in order to make someone look better. Color theory still must be adhered to in many regards, despite the desire to try out new color combinations.

Some colors will wash out in the bright lights of a photo shoot or the television cameras, and the reason that so many actresses and news personalities look good to viewers is because a make-up artist created the illusion of a perfect appearance by using these faces as canvases for their artistry with colors and powders.

For a make-up artist there is no such thing as a daily routine. The day could involve only one or two hours or you could be working all day and half the night, depending on what the particular assignment might be. When it comes to many of the professional photo shoots, you might be on duty 10 hours or more and many people who do makeup also do the hairstyles of the clients that they are working with. This is not always the case, but it does help to be able to do both of these jobs. Even just helping a bride and attendants with makeup can be an all day event.

One of the best ways to become a well known make up artist is to network and make business connections with modeling studios and photographers. You can even volunteer some of your time and do some work for him with some of his best clients for free. If you are really good you can start getting calls and jobs as a result of your work. You can be the best make-up artist in the world, but you won’t get much business or credit if no one sees your work. A portfolio is also a big help for anyone who wants to make a career in the world of beauty. This allows you to showcase the best makeup jobs that you have done.

Most people who become make-up artists will set rates for their work and they will do much of their work as self employed individuals. These are usually the people with determined ambition and a great deal of talent. Some of their employment hours may be spent behind cosmetic counters or in spas, and beauty salons, but they generally prepare to freelance for other assignments

Today an average make up artist can expect about $10-$20 per hour when first starting out, but those who have experience and have developed a good reputation for outstanding work in this area, can begin to collect fees of $30-$70 an hour.

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