Friday, December 5, 2008

A Passion for Fashion Can Lead To a Career in Fashion Design

Creativity, a razor sharp sense of style, and an enormous imagination are all hallmarks of a fashion designer. These are the people who are responsible for contributing to the numerous articles of accessories and garments that are worn by people throughout the world.

Almost every girl, and many boys, will try their hand at drawing, sewing, or designing inventive and unique dresses, skirts, pants, and hats at some time in their life. Usually this talent and exploration begins in early childhood and it allows them to express their creative passion in fun and fantastic ways. It is a rare childhood doll that escapes the attempts of many, would-be fashion divas, to redesign their clothing, hair, and make-up.

Fashion designers are sometimes self-taught individuals who through sheer effort, and enormous talent are able to make it to the top of this cutthroat and intensely competitive field. Most designers will study art and fashion design classes online, at art and fashion institutes and even in college. Having education and some important credentials will give you a slight edge, but do not expect to have an easy time of it is the fashion world.

As shown on the enormously popular Project Runway series, one day you might be really in but the next day you are most assuredly out of the running. Fashion trends and the whims of the consumers are two whips that are continually lashing people who work in the world of clothing and fashion creations. Many people will start out with their own ideas and vision, but will have to create what will sell to the average consumer instead. This is why there are such spectacular, fantasy runway shows, and yet the clothing that you purchase at the store barely has any resemblance to some of those ultra-chic looks.

A runway show is where fashion designers get to shine. This catwalk extravaganza is their personal dream and the styles are mostly fantasy. While they may never be worn in public, these creations will challenge the imagination and cause a buzz. When it comes to making it in fashion, a designer is wise to try to create all of the buzz and excitement that they can. This is the only way to get your name and fashion line into the public eye.

If you have flair and an eye for putting clothing patterns and fabrics together in ways that really catch attention, then this field may be your perfect opportunity. Many of today's fashion designers have started out at many other jobs before they were able to move into the driver's seat. There are positions open as assistants to many of the famous designers and some of these jobs require people with good sketching and drawing abilities, while others require that applicants have good skills with needles and thread. While many people can sew, often a designer can create exceptional lines and looks that may be very difficult to execute when constructing a garment.

It may take over a year from the first design drawn to ever make it to a runway show or be available for purchase. This is quite remarkable when you consider that styles that will be fashionable in one or two years may already be undergoing final construction in someone's design studio.

The reason that the industry can predict what the newest fashions will be many months in the future is because of the research of some fashion designers whose only job is to track the trends, fabrics, patterns and make an educated guess at what the public will want. When this information is given to the designer, they begin to draw ideas in the form of sketches for different ideas.

Sometimes cloth and textile companies are contracted to produce the fabrics and the patterns that the designer will need. At other times, the textile companies may learn of the looks that are going to be produced and will begin to create samples of materials for designers to consider. Some fashion designers have jobs that allow them to work strictly with creating the patterns on the cloth that will be produced.

Today, hand sketches are still being used but more designers are choosing to work with computer-aided design (CAD) software. This gives the creators the chance to see 3D pictures of their clothing onscreen. With CAD features, they are able to change the color, shape, and design in order to refine and improve the overall look without continually adjusting these outfits in real life.

Jobs as fashion designers are very stressful, but the rewards can be abundant. Many of the best jobs will require you to be in a major city such as New York City, Paris, or even London. Having a degree in fashion design or textile manufacturing will help you get your foot in the door. Many designers will try to establish themselves and their line on their own and some are successful, but this is a very difficult way to start a business.

Landing a job with a successful design firm may prove to be your best bet. This is when networking and having connections will help, but you might find yourself being offered a job that is at the bottom rung of the ladder. Even so, you should consider accepting it because you will gain some great experience and maybe even make some valuable contacts that can help you advance your fashion career.

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