Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are You An Artist? Have You Considered Becoming an Illustrator?

Don't let your creativity go unnoticed. If you love to draw, you may consider becoming an illustrator. Illustrators are people who draw pictures that go with stories. Perhaps you have created a picture that needs a story to go with it? Using your creativity can benefit many, including yourself. Let's have a look at what illustrators do and let's see what it takes to become one.

Do you have what it takes to become a successful illustrator? Let's have a closer look at what you need to accomplish before you can make a career out of it. That is unless you are blessed with a talent and the author of a book can see that.

Illustrator's have a special talent. For the most part to have this gift, you are born with it. Although there are many that practice and come to master drawing and art over the years. Then of course it could be about self discovery. There are art courses that could be taken to peek your artistic side. Then there are degrees if you desire to take a step higher in your expertise. You can earn a degree of Art, but there really aren't any formal qualifications to adhere to.

Illustrators come with many types of positions. There are things that they can design from everyday greeting cards to comic illustrations. Anywhere you see a form of visual art, there is an illustrator behind it. Let's now have a closer look at careers as an illustrator.

Illustrators are technically called graphic artists. They bring writing to life through imagery and creativity. If you are an illustrator, you can be considered a freelance illustrator. This simply means that you are not contracted through a company or person. You simply draw. Then you may also draw for magazines and newspapers. Not to mention, you may also be hired by an author or publisher to draw for their book.

Pens and paper aren't the only thing that you use as an illustrator. That is what art is about. It is all about being creative and using things that are available to you. Such things include paints, products of nature like leaves or flowers, and even chaulk.

There are many sorts of illustrators out there that make a living out of it. After looking around at what some of them have to say about illustrating, we have come to know that there are many different rates that illustrators charge. They say that a lot of the rating is done because of supplies that they have to buy and then there is also the time that they have to invest into it.

The same as a writer, an illustrator is selling a talent. Sometimes, it may be hard to put a pricetag on a talent.Only the artist would be able to do that, because it is their talent that they are selling. We seem to think that some prices may be ridiculous. For instance, if you go in an art museum and see these outrageous prices on certain pieces of art, you wonder, "why in the world would someone pay that much for a painting?" Actually, they would! We have seen art that simply looks like drops of paint and was sold for a lot of money. This happens when the artist is popular or perhaps it is an antique.

Whatever it is an illustrator knows how much they would charge, because it is their own art. It is their own talent. There are clubs such as The Society of Illustrators that you can join. From there, you may gain inspiration from others. You can apply for scholarships and even competitions. This is also where you can find publishers and writers that may need you to illustrate their book. The society also helps in the promotion of art and aids in promoting the illustrators.

There are many ways that you can promote your illustrations to find prospective buyers, writers and publishers. Networking is one way that you can promote your artwork. Take pictures of them and display around the Internet. Give people samples so that they can see what type of work that you can do. Being an illustrator gives you many avenues in which you can earn money.

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