Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Exploration of Careers in Sales and Account Management

When you're wondering what to do with your accounting or business degree, you may want to look towards the world of sales and account management jobs offered throughout the United States and Canada. A wide-range of possibilities exist in this field, as you can choose to work for small businesses to large regional companies that need executives and directors to handle their many accounts. To get an idea of the different approaches in sales and accounting to consider - browse the following suggestions listed below:

Department Retail Sales Manager

The overseeing of merchandising and a staff situated within a particular zone or department describes some of the duties of a Department Retail Sales Manager, who may also possess what is known as 'keyholder responsibilities'. The training, scheduling, and individual assignments of the department retail sales staff are also the responsibility of this position, which pays between $23,422 and $40,147. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for this job and five years of related experience is usually expected.

Sales and Marketing Director

When the development of strategic sales and marketing objectives are needed, it is the duty of a Sales and Marketing Director to make sure this is completed, along with the establishment of sales territories and quotas. The director will manage the budget and keep an eye on sales performance. Marketing programs and materials (like advertising, event support, and online promotions) are expected of the director, who should possess a bachelor's degree with at least seven to ten years of sales and marketing experience. It is also quite common to see a director manage a group of sales and marketing professionals. The typical salary for this position is found between $82,865 and $179,430.

Account Executive (Advertising)

When it comes to the account management of the advertising division of a company, an Account Executive is expected to uphold relationships and contacts with current and possible future advertising accounts. It is their job to pinpoint the potential advertising clients that could benefit their company, making sure to cultivate a relationship in an attempt to land new advertising accounts. A bachelor's degree is often required, as well as at least three years of experience in the field. Related experience with a high volume of sales is always a plus. Yearly salaries are generally from $51,658 to $88,147.

IT Account Manager

In regards to both internal and external customers, an IT Account Manager is responsible for creating and maintaining business relationships. They will develop IT projects to meet the business needs of their clients and make sure that objectives are accomplished within a timely manner - also keeping in line with budget limitations. Applicants should possess a bachelor's degree in an area of specialty with between six and eight years of experience within the field. Usually, this position calls for one to lead and direct the progress of others for an average yearly salary of between $80,967 and $134,300.

National Sales Accounts Specialist

With a salary seen between $41,110 and $90,692, a National Sales Accounts Specialist is responsible for watching over national or major accounts for a company. They are also expected to assist in the creation of national sales and marketing programs with the goal of increasing profits. A bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related area is a must to apply for this kind of position. An employer will look for at least four years of experience in the field.

Getting an Education for Sales and Account Management

Before settling on the accounting or business school that will prepare you for a career in sales and account management, performing a search on the Internet can prove rather helpful. Perhaps, you are interested in applying to the best schools in the country - then browsing information provided by sites, such as U.S. News and World Report is highly recommended. You will soon discover that schools, such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business; Alfred University; and Canisius College rank well for accounting and business majors.

When taking a look at Canisius College, you can earn a bachelor's degree and master's in Accounting to satisfy the 150-hour requirement required for the CPA exam in 4 and a half to 5 years. During that time, you will take courses, such as Calculus for Business; Principles of Financial Accounting; Business Statistics; and Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

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