Thursday, January 24, 2008

Discover the Wide-Ranging Possibilities of Operations Management

While a multitude of executive positions are found in the business world, without the employees in the operations management industry - the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations would cease to exist. The responsibility of overseeing the growth and processing of goods and services lands on the shoulders of operations management, often found in large companies with the same sort of activities seen on a smaller scale as well. Job opportunities are seen in a variety of areas, including retail, wholesale goods, and manufacturing. To learn more, consider some of the jobs listed below that fit this particular field:

Risk and Claims Management Coordinator

What can five years of experience in risk assessment and management; insurance coverage and claims; and workman's comp claims get you in the work world - a position as a Risk and Claims Management Coordinator. With a salary typically found between $35,000 to $45,000 per year, it pays to display exceptional communication skills (both oral and written), which come in handy with the many levels of personnel, management, and other groups you may come in contact with. A minimum of a two-year associate's degree is required with computer skills in Word, Excel, and Outlook. An interviewer will also look for skills in operational risk analysis, risk management, and project risk assessment.

Computer Operations Manager

The planning, directing, and management of the day-to-day operations of a computer operations department become the responsibility of a Computer Operations Manager. The establishment of department policies and procedures is also connected to this job, as well as the responsibility of operating mainframe and peripheral information system equipment. These managers also create schedules concerning the usage of each piece of equipment on the job, which may require an associate's degree in a related area. At least eight years of experience in the field is needed, as it is not uncommon to manage a group of computer operators while on the job. A typical salary for this position is seen between $57,469 and $116,984.

Construction Management Director

The daily activities of a construction company becomes the duty of a Construction Management Director, who is in charge of the supervision of all employees working on a particular construction assignment, including administrative personnel, construction and project managers, and staff in the field. This position also assumes the role as primary customer contact. A bachelor's degree with at least ten years of experience in the field is expected, where a candidate should showcase a familiarity with an array of field concepts, practices, and procedures. Top management often looks to the director for updates and guidance. A yearly salary for this career choice is between $73,808 and $150,281.

Operations Supervisor

As an Operations Supervisor, the supervision of daily activities within an operations unit will center on operational polices and procedures. They are in charge of handling the decision-making regarding workflow and scheduling. With a high school diploma (or its equivalent), one can apply for this position when they have racked up three to five years of experience in the field or in a related area. An Operations Unit Manager usually oversees his or her progress. It is not uncommon to see this position pay between $30,458 and $49,568 on a yearly basis.

Investment Operations Management Manager

An Investment Operations Management Manager becomes an important part of the investment management group attached to a particular company. They are put in charge of daily management duties, as they review investment strategies, seek out new opportunities, and recommend changes in investment operations in order to make significant improvements in profit. A bachelor's degree in area of expertise and at least seven years of experience in the field is required. When considering this career choice, make sure you are aware that a variety of tasks and the leadership of others is vital to your success. An average yearly salary is seen between $74,783 and $125,303.

Diving Operations Manager

This type of operations manager is expected to watch over various employees, such as the Project Managers, Facilities and Equipment Manager, and Vessel Manager of a particular company. When working for a commercial diving business, the Operations Manager ensures that offshore projects have enough people working with enough equipment. They assess the performance level of the job to make sure client expectations are being met. Client relations are also a key component to their job description. Depending where the company is based, diving experience in a certain region is often required. Usually, the salary for this job position is negotiable depending on experience.

Tip on Conducting an Operations Management Job Search

When looking for decent employment in operations management, you should seek out companies with a reputation for being one of the largest providers of a specialized product or service, such as Aerotek, which is known for supplying North America with solid, specialized personnel and management services to the Department of Energy, utilities business, engineering and consulting firms, as well as the commercial nuclear industry.

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