Thursday, August 30, 2007

Building a Career in Consulting

If you have gotten tired of the day to day running and decided that there has to be a better way to go about, then you are ready for a career change.

Consulting on a freelance basis for companies who need the services of someone to do something they don't require on a daily basis is a good way to stay at home and still be able to support yourself and your family. Freelance consulting can take many forms.

Medical supply companies will hire nurses to oversee some of their technical writings and staff training while authors who haven't yet published that first Great Novel will find themselves well trained to pursue a path into technical documentation and the day to day writing that is necessary for a website or how to document.

Myriad sites have cropped up on the internet on which you may peruse jobs that are needed by various companies internationally who will hire from a pool of freelancers. On many of these sites, you will find groups or individuals who will pay a fair wage for a fair return. However, many will also provide for those companies and individuals who will do what is called Low balling on the cost of an item for their use. Writing particularly falls prey to this with companies bidding as low as one or two dollars for a written article of in excess of 500 words including the researching of the item. This is of course not cost efficient, in that your time is certainly more valuable than two dollars for an item that may take you in excess of an hour to write.

Signing on with a company to do a particular job and see it through to its completion will ease the concerns about that type of exploitation with a set fee arranged for each job that you tackle, much like the salaried employee would have. Specific courses that might aid you in a consulting career would be as varied of course as your choice of the career to follow.

Medical consultation would require that you have an intimate knowledge of the medical field while writing might be benefited by a course in creative writing, grammar, or English usage. So many fields are now open to the consultant that to choose a course that would serve well in all of them is difficult at best; however, the one that springs immediately to mind would be of course English or grammar. No group will want a consultant whose writing skills are less than they should be or to have to rewrite those things which their consultant writes because if they need do so, the reasons for hiring the consultant in the first place becomes a moot point.

Dependent upon your skills in the field that you've chosen you are well able to meet you needs financially by a career in consulting. Programmers will be paid nearly one and one half times what they might make working in house for a company in the US while Canada's offerings are similar in that respect.

Nurses who work as freelancers in the US make substantially more than they might do working in hospitals while in Canada, given the nursing shortage they may expect to be offered a great deal more than the United States companies do. Freelance Programmers and writers are in great demand by many US Companies, as are drivers, writers and medical personnel. Among the companies who use freelance assistance in some of their projects are:
*Google, the search engine giant
*Rent a Coder
*Kelly Temps: supplying writers, secretarial, programmers and many other types of temporary workers nation wide in the US
*Sun Microsystems, who hires on a per job basis and if they like your work, will provide a permanent place on their team.

Consulting can be rewarding both personally and financially as in the case of David R., who currently works for one of the largest computer firms in the world as an engineer.

David began on one of the smaller projects and worked on a temporary basis. Liking his work the, company hired him permanently where he works from a home office and travels internationally to achieve some of his projects. His salary has tripled from what he made when he worked for an ISP in his local area.

Many companies will hire those for a permanent place provided they admire their work. Freelance consulting may just be your step up to a new career path.

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